SCHEDULE OF KIDS ART CLASSES, summer ART camps, ART CLASSES & 2018-2019 ​calendar

​​​​​To achieve our Mission of Inspiring Creative Minds, ART CAMP offers Dynamic & Interactive Kids Art Classes, Summer Art Camps for Children & Art Classes for Educators.  ART CAMP has paved, and continues to pave the way, for Students, Parents, Educators & Art Teachers throughout the Greater Houston Area, including HISD, PISD, AISD & FBISD.  For the past 19 years, we have not only taught, but also model for others how to incorporate Right and Left Brain Art Instruction.  Our goal is to cultivate Art Techniques, enhance Brain Development, promote Confidence, implement Interdisciplinary Learning, and encourage Problem-Solving Skills for not only our Students, but also for their Educators.

Gone are the days of Worksheets & Abstract Learning.  We must encourage Kinesthetic Learning for our Students if we are to Engage them in our World!