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Art Classes Pearland



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Art Classes Pearland

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Impressions Art Programs

Art Camp offers highly acclaimed, dynamic, interactive, and age-appropriate art instruction for children ages 2-14.  Kids Art Classes are typically grouped as follows: 2-4yrs, 5-9yrs, and 10yrs+.  Summer Art Camps for children are grouped as follows: 6-14yrs, with 10+ sessions.  Students explore an exciting selection of media and techniques including, but not limited to those listed below.  As they progress through classes, the children will continue to build upon skills, knowledge and techniques learned, while mastering the basic Elements and Principles of art.

Our academic/monthly/seasonal themes are a wonderful tool for inspiring the creative thought process.  They are flexible and we encourage the students to explore topics with liberal creative freedom!

The children have lots of fun creating their own original cartoon characters and also learning how to draw some of our all-time favorites like Mickey, Minnie, Tweety, etc.

Drawing I
Students learn to draw using Fuzzy’s Four Feet ™, a four-step instructional tool developed by Natascha Gotesky.  This method of drawing has been used successfully for over 15 years!  Children love it and are amazed at what they can draw just by using letters, numbers and basic shapes!

Drawing II
Children draw from observation, learning about concepts like composition, perception, values, shading, hues, etc.  We draw inspiration from drawings, photographs, magazines, still life and fellow students!

Students have fun with Squiggles and Giggles ™, a fun process of exploring a variety of painting media.  We employ both conventional and unique methods and tools to create very fascinating effects! The process is fun, exciting and messy!!  Children get to use sparkly, tempera, watercolor, poster, and acrylic paints.  They even get to make their own special paints, creating unique effects.  During the course of the program, we study color theory, creating interactive watercolor paintings, and original masterpieces on stretched canvas, canvas panels, paper, fabric, ceramics and wood.

Students learn basic sculpting techniques to create 3-Dimensional objects using a variety of child-friendly and durable modeling materials.  There are many types of clays and modeling compounds to use, and we even make our own!  The children display their creations in various ways.  Sculpture is a very beneficial tool for helping to strengthen fine motor muscles.

Famous Artists
Students explore artists from around the world, famous cartoonists, masters such as Van Gogh, Monet, Matisse and their “isms” (Impressionism, Expressionism, etc.).  We also learn about several Contemporary and Modern Artists such as Mondrian, Kinkade, Gockel, and Miro!  It’s always fun learning about and experimenting with artists’ techniques.

Art History
Our students learn interesting art facts and tidbits of art history!  They have too much fun to even realize they are learning!

Art Appreciation
Students learn to evaluate and appreciate art.  They experience the importance of art as a means of self-expression.  We focus on Process vs. Product.  Yes, the end result is a creative product, but the process is most important in promoting self-confidence, building artistic skills and enhancing problem-solving strategies.  Students also learn to work in a group and communicate with their peers about artwork, sharing feelings and opinions. 

Art Exhibits
Art Camp offers ART EXHIBITS and an ONLINE GALLERY (with parent approval).  These are wonderful opportunities for students to display their artwork for friends and family to enjoy!  Parents are able to order a variety of personalized items displaying their child’s original artwork!  For more information about personalized products and prices, please contact us.  What a wonderful way to showcase our young artists!


                           Children are our best natural resource.
       While their education lies in our hands, our future lies in theirs!

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